Nintendo Memes Of August 3.0

I took like an hour to make this
please enjoy.

List of memes

Ay Luigi

Creeper man dk

Eddy coconut mall

Sans invades minecraft

Snake box time

Kirby throws a star

Luigi say sike

So no head?

These mario maker levels are hard

Botw but I don’t breath

Shluk monday

Kirby dies

You are my pokemon

Doggo with a star

These are pretty cool bananas monkey ball

Cool bird sings oot lost woods

You should have gone for the head

Dedede crashes the game

Cuz they aren’t gay
Doggo wins


ANC gcn is whack

Futaba hacks wii u

Kids playing goes wrong

Majoras mask irl

Sakurai plays fortnite

Toy story meets mario movie

Toad dies

Wii shop

Not funny didn’t laugh evo

Mario vs bowser wrestlers

Everything is whack

Cursed ink

Hero in a nutshell

True gamers


Cap in smash

Kirb with a knife

Mario odyssey vs mario 64

Aminal crocking




  1. Jose Steele

    Can you pin me for no reason

  2. TheSwordGamer

    What's the joke at 2:56

  3. xElectrix_

    lmao my boi got persona 5 heartswitch running on his wii u. I see you are a man of culture as well. 3:20

  4. Pikablue769 Animations

    5:26 You can be Beanos is smash!?

  5. SpringLock_Productions

    how is Beanos a Nintendo meme?

  6. Max Heslop


    *These isabelle memes

    *It fills you with determination

  7. Marc Abalos

    0:03 not funny, didn't laugh Nintendo

  8. Wavedbruhgod

    Who want beans?

  9. Daniel T


  10. CEO of Racism

    How come Sonic and Persona are in this when they're owned by SEGA

  11. Maatak

    3:20 for anyone wondering why is it a meme its because its a rule 34 video

  12. Crystal Pup

    0:57 how….did…you..know.

  13. Link Hero Of Twilight

    Hypnotic can you pin me every time I react to a certain video

  14. Brobobo

    i feel bad that i know where the frame of futaba comes from

  15. vv


  16. JP2000K Pro

    No one:
    Thumbnail: NuMbErJaCkS jOiN sMaSh

  17. Thanos [B]

    Love That Endgame Reference in Smash but there is No sound man

  18. Phelko 11

    Omfg the gt4 music I nearly forgot this awesome game

  19. Nycto


    COUGH derpixon COUGH

  20. Sammy MJ

    6:19 my room when I play super Mario Odyssey
    6:35 my brother coming in and playing with my toys

  21. Emily Fox / Persona 5 Joker is cutie

    Want to put me in your next August memes, here is the link below.

  22. lucky tabby slime

    0:45 wats dat music

  23. megalowat ee

    5:01 i died

  24. Paper Mario

    1:53 man that youtuber sounds so cool, shame that you stole all these memes from reddit and instagram (instagram already stole the memes from reddit anyway)

  25. Salmon_fish owo

    4:284:44juss a normal day in smash .Bros, nothing wrong about it.

  26. BiofaekGamer s

    3:24 i hope that its dead that stupid kid >:V

  27. Harley J K

    0:54 this should be illegal

  28. ColdsCurse
  29. Brenjie Animations and Art

    5:07 This Is Why Mom Doesn’t F*cking Love You, Hero!!

  30. Awesomegamer 99

    0:30 why did i have a feeling someone would do that

  31. Fenik 2727

    1:27 fennec foxes are the best.

  32. Kevon Dowdie

    Sakuri is a traitor

  33. Rosa Gonzalez


  34. Melvin Thompson

    I need the name of the kazoo theme

  35. Mewtwo835

    1:27 I like that she doesn’t care at all.

  36. soulreaper801

    That first clip oh nah lol

  37. Rigoberto Sandoval

    Girl ues mega mushroom. Boy runs away

  38. EBB_Blue

    AW MAN

  39. Light Saber12

    3:20 is it wrong I know why he freaked out..?

  40. Pichu

    3:13 sounds like a omatone XD

  41. Pichu

    1:39 GOTTA GO FAST

  42. Aurora

    it makes it scarier when you know what 3:19 is

  43. pybrothepyro tf

    You have ifunny?

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