Snooker 19 on Nintendo Switch – Exclusive Dev Commentary



    Definitely getting this going to pre order this right now! Boom!

  2. Obliviroth

    I dont understand why this game took so long to get onto switch compared to the ps4 and xbox one, considering its release was during the world championships 3 month ago and now getting released on switch here in August it doesnt make sense. I mean come on it's not a massively demanding game is it nor does it look like it has had any changes, I'm snookered…

  3. Frozen gamer

    If I play as Ronnie o Sullivan will I be able to tell the ref to get his eyes checked.

  4. wikichris

    This is gonna confuse plenty of international viewers.

  5. Stoneth

    Please tell me the commentators will say "Oh and that's a bad miss!" on missed shots.

  6. Mark Haynes

    I used to be a huge fan of Snooker back in the 90's. But I've sadly lost interest in the sport over the years.
    This game does look pretty interesting though. The camera shots are very faithful to the real thing. I might just add this to my eshop watch list.

  7. Ham Animation Production

    This is a bit of a weird but kind of interesting exclusive commentary

  8. VeganGames

    Exciting stuff. 😛

  9. Love Games!

    Is it available now?

  10. BlueUmbreonShiny

    I'm not sophisticated enough for this game and their snooker selection screen.

  11. JoeDanRob

    Anyone wanna play a Snooker flash game?

  12. dragonskulle

    I love snooker, and will get this, once I finally buy a switch 👍

  13. SwitchedOn

    Looking really good – just a bit of a visual sharpness downgrade from the Xbox (obviously), but thankfully performance looks spot on. Looking forward to making plenty of content on this one for my channel!

  14. Khamhawk Walakohn

    I love it

  15. John Dough

    I might pick this up just because I never understood the rules of snooker and this could be an easy gateway

  16. Ebefren Revo

    The game i never asked for and never going to play.

  17. Mishpãré Urśhjìlk

    Seems like getting games for this will be a nightmare judging by these comments. Nintndo switch players do not like sports games, and if they do they'd rather play then on a console that their friends are on with good online infrastructure

  18. onezeon

    I have this game on ps4

    Love playing online
    Is it cross play!?!?
    Easy to find games on ps4 but switch won't be imo

  19. Ponch Ice Tea Knight

    To give you guys the TL:DR rundown on this game snooker is like pool but played on a much bigger table

    This video which does a good explanation about how snooker works & its rule set

  20. Tim Beaumont

    Looks like FIFA Mobile 2012 menu

  21. BitByBrick

    What’s a snooker?

  22. Mitch Eighty

    Those player models are crap

  23. Christian Cosgriff

    If it’s cheap it seems interesting but if they want full retail price no way

  24. Recarflo

    Um, what is snooker?

  25. Peady


  26. Sa nic

    Everytime I click on a Nintendo life video I expect hearing "Hello there lovely people" it's so weird not hearing Alex eventhough it's only temporarily

  27. Klassic Kent

    I have never been more excited for a game in my life…

  28. DiskyToy

    Inb4 all the "missing being called lovely" comments

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