1. Xbox Two XX

    No backwards compatibility with NDS cartridges? That's great another reason don't buy it.

  2. dragusRóżne

    Cool, but why ? why they want me to buy a secound switch?

  3. UsielX

    Normal switch sucks and now they make this…

  4. Dusty Bulls

    Or Gameboy Advanced

  5. Dusty Bulls

    Basically a 3Ds

  6. Milher Méndez

    HA! Why they used the iconic “Click” sound of the SWITCH in their trailer if this shit can’t do it because NO detachable controllers? 🤣🔫 #NintendoGoingBackwardAgain

    Number of Likes in Nintendo’ video = Number of Low IQ people watching The “Switch” Lite… 😑🔫

    The F@cking PSP at least had a cable to be connected to the TV and it was compatible with PS3 for few features…

    This is not a Switch…
    Not even a DS…
    This garbage is just a modern GameBoy Advance with the graphical power of a PS3…

    And “people” love it!


    The New Nintendo NO Switch…

  7. Gema Olilop


  8. Gani Laksono

    mario kart in 2019? lol i keep playing red dead redemption 2 😂

  9. Raymil Belmont

    How to make a piece of shit even shittier

  10. Hakim Durand

    Just fucking release gba games NOW. This was a joke

  11. Hakim Durand

    Lol and people thought I was crazy

  12. babblebabble


  13. Jonsgr8

    No specs or anything Nintendo? How is this going to sell me? You should have brought up that it features a longer battery life, and cheaper price. Reveal the release date in May or June, that way people have time to set aside money.

  14. attack

    Still has a fat bezel?

  15. Jinzo

    Finally I can buy a switch. I was holding out on an upgraded version but it's finally good to know I can buy a regular version with the announcement of the lite

  16. bernatus360

    Yo esperaba una version mas potente que no fuera portatil. Pero, hemos obtenido lo contrario – _-'

  17. E02Gir


  18. McCartney 21

    I knew it! Finally! The wait is over.

  19. Anggoro Strife

    I like it

  20. Keith Castillo

    I dislike this because they should not call it 'switch' unless there were a way to connect to TV.

  21. deltavagen

    where is the facepalm button?

  22. charles barkson

    RIP DS systems

  23. XxTHATGUYxX122

    This is so dumb money cash grab you cant even sperate the joycons anymore waste of money dont buy it

  24. JD

    Nintendo: "lets make another version of the switch, but lets make it worse and pointless to buy"

  25. Juan

    Damn not what I was hoping for but ok

  26. Eren jeager

    New Nintendo?

  27. young mouss

    The original is better

  28. Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids Full episodes

    I want bigger screen not smaller bet this will cost more being smaller

  29. kalynota Loka

    Lo sabía lpm!!!!5

  30. Polar Berr

    People may think that this isn't a logical idea of using the Switch everywhere, but I've gone to the weirdest places and started up Smash with my friends

  31. MoeEveryThing


  32. MoeEveryThing


  33. ran som

    2nd comment what's the difference with the lite version

  34. Trap Soul

    I wish Etika was here to see this

  35. IM YMCK

    You will be rich one day hit the like button if you agree 👌✌

  36. TKaz 10

    thats a ps vita!

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