Should You Buy a PS4 in 2019?

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2013 was a long time ago. Does the PS4 still hold up in 2019?
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  1. xokam

    Short answer yes u should

  2. Brn G

    Is the og PS4 plus 7 games for 140€ a good value?

  3. Moose


  4. Five Star

    I haven't had a console since PS2, I need to see if it stills works.
    I'm planning on getting a PS5, already bought 4 games Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Hits is under $16.
    I will continue to buy new PS4 games that are $10/15.

  5. V-Way

    Oh course!

  6. Sun Tzu

    Just bought my 3rd PS4.

  7. muscle_growsayain

    Never could really get into xbox scene everyone I know has a PlayStation.

  8. David Shane Coward

    I'm getting one on 25 December Christmas I all ready know because my cousin got one last Christmas

  9. Christopher Fields

    I think you should buy a ps4 in 2019 because there are still different games coming out in 2019 for the ps4 and we won’t see the ps5 or the Xbox 2 until 2020 that’s a long time away.

  10. Mirza Khalid

    You are wrong Austin…PS4 Pro was never cheap and it isn't still now. Stupid Sony has kept the price high for their inferior console that is PS4 Pro. And you can pop in a 500GB SSD (like I did in 2015 since SSD were costly) on your standard PS4 which made a huge difference in loading times and visuals of games running on original PS4

  11. John Hooper

    No! Dont do it.. There are rumors about a 7nm budget PS4 end of this year..

  12. Alex Pawlowski

    (Writing this before I play the video)
    The answer: Yes.
    The PS4 has some incredible single player games:
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    God of War
    Red Dead Redemption 2
    Spider Man

    These games are fantastic, and it doesn't matter if they're "old" because *that doesn't matter when the game is good*. If you think you should "wait for the ps5", do you really want to wait a year or more before you take a break from work, school, or whatever is stressing you? No. These games are fantastic, and you'll love them tomorrow or years for now. Saying the PS4 will be outdated is like watching the Star Wars prequels instead of the original trilogy because the effects and the budget were improved.

    If you want to play high quality, single player games, the PS4 is your best bet. You don't even need PS4 Pro to enjoy it!

  13. Qz Shouto

    is it worth buying ps4 pro if your tv dont support 4k ultra hd

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    im trying too give up reading books

  20. dustin illplaya622 smith illdplaya622

    will can i buy a new fresh one i need the 4k one

  21. dustin illplaya622 smith illdplaya622

    fire crackeers advertismets

  22. a poor BOT

    I have a generation 1… normal…… old….. ps4

  23. Jay Grand

    Friday im buying a system what should i buy ps4 x box one or switch…i can afford any one..i will do a update friday

  24. Dee Harper

    No I will buy a xbox x

  25. Simone

    No ps2 is better

  26. Crazy GAMESTER

    My parents gave me a ps1 and a 9 inch tv 😭

  27. Sofiane Benzine

    so wtf Should I buy if it would not be ps4

  28. Aravind .A

    Please can I have the Xbox please

  29. Legendary King

    Autist evans

  30. All Usernames Taken

    I'm probably gonna get a PS4 even though most of the games I will play are available on PS3. I know I'm gonna regret playing The Last of Us on PS3 and not be able to play Part 2, same for the Uncharted series and Persona 5 Royal

  31. Jigmed Wangchuk

    Do you see the Xbox one S supporting FIFA 21 (2 generations ahead). My goto game will be FIFA mostly. Or should I go for the PS4 slim ? Cost is a factor to be taken into consideration here. I don't want the fact to be that the FiFA20 will be last version supported over the One S. Kindly help.

  32. Joshua Tapia

    Should I upgrade to the ps4 pro?

  33. MrBrianokeeffe

    I only paid 50 Euro for a PS4 with corrupted hard drive, and had an SSD laying around so pretty good deal

  34. Normunds Bilmanis

    I still have box360

  35. VuziTube

    the reason why i bought xbox one s is because it's sale for 199. i really want ps4 but i'm broke

  36. Vin#S#RACE

    I dont even use my ps4 lol the tech is so old, my pc destroys it, I dont think I will ever go back to a PS, get a summer job save 2 grand for a top line pc and put it together yourself, do not buy a piece of crap from best buy, there is so many tutorials on youtube. Playstation is really for people under 18 a good xmas gift. But if you can scrape up the cash go PC, just the mods alone you will never go back.

  37. Dale B

    if you want a ps4/xbox get one as soon as you can afford one because not only is a year and 4 months along time but anything can happen in that time that could prevent you from playing games (injury or illness) lifes a bitch like that.

  38. Boxing Hetero

    ps3 controller was the best.

  39. P4th F!nder

    Save for PS5
    Reason 1: You can buy PS4 games anyways, because of backwards compatibility.
    Reason 2: There is a good chance that the games on PS5 would run much smoother than on PS4.
    Reason 3: Variety of exclusives in the future would be limited to PS5, and not gonna be on PS4.

    However I would recommend to wait at least one year, or better a year and a half before buying PS5, because there are not so many games at the start of the generation.

  40. RaGio Hop

    Should you buy ps4 in 2019

    Me: already have it

  41. Adrian Veidt

    I would love to buy, but I can only survive on 1 kidney. I can't sell the last one.

  42. johnny cena

    I bought PS4 slim yesterday , absolutely love it.

  43. RaVen Lawson


  44. Jimis Ioannou

    is it nornal that my new ps4 slim which i literally bought about two weeks ago,overheats almost instantly when i play a game?it is located in an air conditioned room with good ventilation


    Xbox sucks

  46. Prashant Croissant

    Yes i will cause mine just broke

  47. JayDeePLUS BEATZ

    With the console discount and 6 years willets if updates that wasn’t available at launch I think getting a 1 tb PS4 in 2019 is a no brainer

  48. Basanti Patra

    Me: This is sponsored by Nothing
    Nobody sponsers Me 😭😭😭😭

  49. Ryce&Beanz

    If you broke….NO
    If you can afford it…N want one…YES

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